Prepare to be blown out of the water by this booming three-reel slot machine from Microgaming. It has a theme based around fighter jets, perfect for those who want classic slots with a bit more adrenaline.

This 3-reel slot has only one payline. Spinners will need to be in top form to maximize the potential of the paytable, which can yield up to 125,000 credit wins. While there are no bonus games or free spins, players can get a boost from a wild symbol, which will multiply or quadruple small victories.

Feel the Power

You can create a wave of shock wins by spinning the reels faster than light. The theme is inspired by the power and finesse of modern fighter jets. One of the reel symbols shows a cartoon of an F-16 turbo-powered plane.

The other symbols on the reels are less powerful but will still appeal to retro slot machine fans with their classic BAR and cherries icons, including the double, triple, and single varieties. The most rewarding symbol in the game is a “Sonic Boom,” designed with a bold and large font.

This slot machine’s graphics and sound effects might not impress players, particularly when the theme promises a lot of spinning action. The entire game screen is designed with simple cartoon art, and the sound effects are generic arcade machine sounds.

This classic machine is designed to offer a simple spin without frills. To experience some exciting action, you should look for a 5-reel slot machine.

You will be able to make your wallet grow!

Sonic Boom offers a wide range of bets. This game is perfect for high rollers and casual spinners, with coin values of 0.05, 0,10, and 0.20. 0.25. 0.50, 1.01, 2.00. 5.00, 10.50, 20.00. 25.00. 50.00.With the option of placing two coins on each reel, players can increase their total stake to 100 credits. This is a large bet, even for high rollers.

The multiplier for the total bet will differ between players who use two coins and those who only use one currency. See for yourself by looking at the table below.

This means that the players who use two coins are getting a better deal regarding the multiplier value. This is not true, as only one currency will be multiplied with the above matters, even when two coins are used. In reality, players with two coins can only benefit if they align three identical Sonic Boom icons since the prize is slightly higher than the double.

Your wins will be boosted

The Sonic Boom logo is also a wild symbol, which means it can be used to complete winning combinations. Therefore, It will substitute all other symbols on the reels to complete any winning combinations. This is not all. Spinners can also win a prize worth up to 2x or even 4x their average payout, depending on if there are one or more wilds in the winning combination.

Booming wins

Sonic Boom is an excellent choice for those experienced with retro slots who want to try something different. Microgaming’s slot machine won’t blow anyone away, as other video slots have more thrilling visual and audio effects. The game does offer some big wagers. Players could lose their entire betting balance with wins of up to 125,000 credits.

Spectacular Slot Machine

Showtime! You could win a jackpot worth 5,000x your stake if you spin the three reels on this slot machine. Microgaming’s title might look like any other three-reel slot machine, with its single payline and a range of classic symbols.

The showbiz-themed game will provide some extra glamour with bonus gameplay features like wild symbols, multiplying the prize payouts by 4x. And we even try to mention the unique Wheel of Wealth side game. Let the Spectacular Show begin!

Buy your tickets to the show

The Spectacular slot machine is similar to other Microgaming 3-reel titles. It has a straightforward set-up combining traditional slot machine icons with an original theme. This time, the music is show business, with the reels decorated in bright lights, glitzy decorations, and traditional dancing girls dressed up in feathered outfits.

On the reels, you will see a ticket for the show, with the “Admit One” and other symbols found on classic slot machines, like single, double, and triple BARS, and a bold considerable number 7, to add a little extra luck.

If you’re familiar with Microgaming and their extensive collection of 3-reel slots, you’ll know that the visuals aren’t spectacular. This “Slots of Fortune” effort offers nothing spectacular graphics.

It’s not that the game doesn’t look good; it does. The graphics are colorful and detailed enough to catch the eye of every spin. This game may seem primitive to players used to 5 reel video slots that feature 3D graphics and extravagant animations.

You can also choose to play with slim wagering options This game is different from other Microgaming three reels but in the wrong way. This is because there are very few wagering options available in this game. There are only two betting options for spinners when playing this game: 1 Coin equals one credit, or two coins equals one credit.

Playing with two coins will supposedly result in a higher payout. This is because the paytable displayed next to the reels shows multipliers twice as valuable for players with two currencies.

However, this is different for most players, as only one coin will be multiplied, regardless of the number of coins placed. Players will find that using two currencies gives them a slightly higher payout when 3 of the “Spectacular’ logo icons line up on the one payline. Consult the table below to see for yourself.

The logo is the most lucrative icon on the slot machine, and it also helps players make smaller wins as it acts as a wild icon. The prize amount will also be quadrupled or doubled when one or two of the heroes are used to complete a winning combo.

Wheel of Wealth Bonus

Another advantage of playing this slot machine with two coins is that you can trigger the bonus game by finding the “Spin” icon on the payline. With two reels, you can start the bonus game by finding “Spin” on the payline of the third reel. This Wheel of Wealth Bonus Game is perfect for those who want to avoid dealing with complicated side games. You can win up to 1,000 credit prizes by spinning the wheel.

The show cannot go on!

Spectacular is a retro-style slot machine that offers retro slot fans a set of reels with a glamorous theme. Unfortunately, this is one of the few interesting aspects of the game. Even then, it’s not that interesting.

Microgaming’s slot machine has the same retro design with very few bets available to players. Even though this game has a bonus round and wild multipliers, its overall potential for winning is lower than that of other 3-reel slots.